Servo Drives EL8 Series
  • Frequency response up to 3.5kHz (Previous Gen. 3.2kHz)

  • Control modes: EtherCAT, Modbus RTU/Pulse+Direction/Analogue

  • Available with STO SIL3 

  • ABZ encoder with differential ABZ and OCZ output

  • Supports 2nd encoder with supports for other external position sensors coming soon! 

  • Motors with 23-bits magnetic/optical encoder available

  • Motors are automatically matched to driver once connected

  • Comes with direct drive holding brake

  • Upgraded servo drive functions: Zero tracking control, position comparison, 1-click/1-parameter easy tuning and many more

  • Servo drive power rating from 400W to 2000W

  • Matching motors with power rating from 50W to 2000W

  • User configurable I/Os

EL8-EC series                                                EL8-RS Series

-8 Digital inputs                                           -10 Digital inputs (Up to 4MHz)

-3 Digital outputs                                        - 6  Digital outputs

-2 Analog inputs                                          - 3 Analog inputs

-2 Analog outputs                                        - 2 Analog outputs

-2 high speed touch probe inputs 

Servo Drives EL8 Series

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