Servo Drives 2ELD2 Series

The 2ELD2 series is a new low voltage DC servo drive developed from Leadshine, dual-axis, that one 2ELD2 drive can drive two servo motors at the same time. 2ELD2 series keep the same performance of ELD2 series, relying on the special dual-axis structure, 2ELD2 series achieve less wiring, space saving, energy saving, while having a high cost performance.


  • Compact size, dual-axis design

  • Wide voltage input range: 24~70VDC

  • High current driving ability: 2 x up to 30Arms continuous/ 90A peak

  • Network options:

         Modbus RTU,


  • Feedback supported:

            Incremental encoder signal (single ended or differential)

            Hall sensors uvw

            Leadshine serial signal encoder

  • Motors supported:

           PMSM Servo motors

           Brushless motors

           Brushed motors

  • STO and auxiliary logic input power

  • Direct brake output function

Servo Drives 2ELD2 Series

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