Leadshine India - Reliable Motion Control Products


Company Profile:

MAS Auto Systems Pvt Ltd is the Sole Authorized Distributor for Leadshine Motion Control Products in India.

Founded in 1997, Leadshine Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the largest technology companies dedicated to design and manufacture high-quality and cost-effective motion control products in the world.

Leadshine products include stepper drives & motors, integrated steppers, easy servo drives (closed loop stepper drives) & motors, integrated easy servo motors, integrated servo motors, brushless and brushed servo drives & motors, PC based & standalone motion controllers, and power supplies.

These products have been successfully implemented in thousands of OEM applications and tens of industries such as CNC machinery, semiconductor, electronics, inkjet printing, medical, packaging, lab automation, textile, etc.


Excellent Product Quality

Leadshine operates manufacturing facilities which are superiorly equipped, professionally staffed, and ISO-9001 certified. That allows Leadshine to provide highly reliable quality motion control products to OEM clients in the shortest time.



Leadshine's products have proven records of being successfully adopted in thousands of applications such as CNC routers, mills, plasmas, lathes, laser cutters/engravers/markers, inkjet printers, plotters, electronics equipment, medical equipment, semiconductor assembly & inspection machines, electronics machines, packaging equipment, textile machines, robotics, pick-and-place devices, etc. In most cases, Leadshine's standard "off-the-shelf" products are able to satisfy the motion control needs for most applications. For many OEM applications with special requirements, Leadshine also offers customized products with optimized performance.


Leadshine India - Reliable Motion Control Products

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